Twentyfour Technology Co., Ltd. setup in 2005/04/15. All our team members focus on software design.

We design our software solutions from sketches including server, firmware and App ( iOS and Android). So we can totally modify software, transfer products and support our customers.

Also, We have a strong relationship with the Korean market. Our customers include Korea telecom and DVR, NVR, IPCAM companies.


  • Establish: 2005/04/15

  • Capital: NT 5,000,000

  • Employee: 6 in Taipei and 2 in Seoul

  • Volume of Business: NT 30,000,000

Cloud History

  • P2P Server

  • Relay Server

  • Push Server

  • Keep Alive Server

  • OTA Server

Firmware History

  • RTOS IPCAM Solution for Vi37

  • RTOS IPCAM Solution for Hi3516

  • RTOS IPCAM Solution for OV788 + OV9712

  • Linux IPCAM Solution for GC6500 ( Fish Eye )

  • Linux IPCAM Solution for Mozart V3

  • Linux IPCAM Solution for Ambrella A2

  • Linux IPCAM Solution for MT7686 + iPassion 3976

  • Linux IPCAM Solution for RT5350 + iPassion 2976

  • Linux DVR Solution for MPG450

  • Linux IPCAM Solution for MPG440E

  • Linux IPCAM Solution for MPG440

  • Fast NAT solution for ADMTek

  • Linux SDK for Imagia MPG440, MPG450

  • Linux SDK for 4501

  • VxWork for Starsemi

  • Linux SDK for ADMTek